Many men and women have battled unwanted fat deposits for years by dieting, exercising, and even using creams and supplements that claim to remove cellulite. Despite all those efforts, those stubborn bulges such as love handles and “bra bulge” remain. At the Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine, we perform body contouring using CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® for our New Jersey and Philadelphia patients who want to melt away those fat deposits. This treatment is ideal for those who are at or near their target body weight but, due to genetics, have areas of fat on their flanks and love handles.

How It Works

CoolSculpting® uses controlled cooling to reduce fat deposits.* This non-surgical body contouring procedure is FDA approved for non-invasive fat layer reduction of the flanks and love handles. It requires no incisions, anesthesia, pain medication, or downtime.

Your body’s natural cleansing processes remove the damaged fat cells, resulting in safe, gradual fat reduction. You will enjoy the toned, slimmer results following your treatment, achieving the contoured body you wanted.*

Watch Dr. Susan Hughes on CBS Philly as she discusses how CoolSculpting® by ZELTIQ® can be used for body contouring in New Jersey without surgery. CoolSculpting provides a revolutionary nonsurgical solution to small pockets of fat on targeted areas of the body.

 Your CoolSculpting Procedure

Unlike the lasers used during laser hair removal in Philadelphia and New Jersey, the CoolSculpting® procedure relies on a process called Cryolipolysis™ to gently and effectively reduce fat cells. Dr. Hughes presses the cooling device against the treatment area, targeting the fat cells that you want to dissolve, while avoiding damage to the surrounding skin. After she has precisely cooled the tissue for a carefully calculated period of time, the targeted fat cells begin to break down.

The amount of time needed for your procedure will depend on the areas that you and Dr. Hughes agree you want to target. For example, for upper and lower abdomen treatments, a 2-hour session may be appropriate. That period of time, with the applicator placed vertically, focuses the cooling process on the predominant fat deposits. Many patients experience no discomfort, and even read a book or relax and listen to music during the procedure.

Because this treatment does not involve anesthesia or incisions, there is no required recovery period. In 3 days, as your fat cells begin to respond, some patients experience mild soreness. However, you can return to and enjoy your regular routine soon after the procedure, even if that means engaging in strenuous exercise. Any mild redness or minimal bruising should be gone within a few days.

 What Are the Advantages of CoolSculpting®?


  • End the frustration of repeated diet and fitness attempts designed to target stubborn fat deposits on your flanks and love handles. For those who are already fit and at or near their target body weight, CoolSculpting provides a non-invasive way to trim your bulges without surgery, incisions, or downtime from work, family, and fitness.*
  • This painless option results in a more toned body, and your body’s natural cleansing process removes the damaged fat cells safely and effectively.*
  • It provides a non-invasive way to contour and eliminate fat deposits on targeted areas of the body, including love handles, flanks, and “bra bulges.” Men and women who choose this method of body contouring in New Jersey have noted that their clothes fit more smoothly and they look more toned.*

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*Individual results will vary