At the Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine in New Jersey, facial liposuction is a safe and effective way to improve facial contours and look and feel younger. Advances in liposuction technology have made the procedure more comfortable and better suited for small areas such as the face and neck. Compared to older forms of liposuction, the tumescent technique and YAG laser ProLIpo™ technology that we use offers the following advantages:

  • Smaller cannulas thus smaller incisions
  • Minimal bleeding and bruising
  • Shorter procedure time and downtime
  • More tightening

 Tumescent & Laser Liposuction: A Safer Means of Fat Removal

The tumescent technique uses fluid infusion of local anesthesia with tiny cannulas through tiny incisions to enable in-office surgery without intravenous or general anesthesia. The large amounts of fluids injected minimize the risk of postoperative irregularities to the skin, and allow for more precise fat removal. There is virtually no blood loss. The local anesthetic injected with this technique lasts 18 hours and the discomfort that patients feel can typically be managed with over the counter pain relievers.

Nd:YAG laser liposuction creates heat and helps to tighten the face and neck before and after the liposuction is performed.

The main areas we treat with facial liposuction are the neck and jowls. In younger patients with good skin tone, facial liposuction can be very effective in restoring definition to the jaw line and improving the appearance of a double chin or sagging in the neck. Performed in our office operating suite in New Jersey, facial liposuction is a relatively quick procedure that leaves minimal scarring when compared to other surgical options. For older patients with more skin laxity and wrinkling, a neck lift or a minimal incision lower face lift near Philidelphia may be a more effective procedure.Blepharoplasty in New Jersey can also be a good option for men and women who want to refresh the eye area.

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