If you are experiencing lack of sensation in your penis or premature ejaculation during sex, the Priapus Shot, or The P-Shot can help. The P-Shot is a specific method of using blood-derived growth factors to rejuvenate the penis. Because your own body’s fluids are used, there is no allergic reaction and minimal pain. The P-Shot has been proven to do the following:

  • Make the penis immediately larger
  • Strengthen the penis
  • Straighten the penis
  • Increase circulationwithin the penis for a healthier organ
  • Make other therapies work better. If you still need Viagra or Cialis, then it will work better for you.
  • Increase sensation and sexual pleasure

Here’s How it Works

  1. A numbing cream is applied to the penis.
  2. Blood is drawn from the arm (just like when you have a blood test done).
  3. The blood is put in a centrifuge.
  4. The platelets are transferred into another tube where a few drops of calcium chloride solution trick the platelets into thinking that they are in the body and the body has been injured.
  5. The platelets release growth factors into the liquid of the tube.
  6. The liquid is transferred into a syringe and injected into the penis using a tiny needle and in a way that distributes the growth factors in the proper way.

Schedule a consultation to see if the P-Shot is right for you. We’ll explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have.