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The neck sagging starts first, followed by a gradual squaring off the jawline. Fixing this with a small incision is the main goal of a lower facelift.

How Do I Know I Need a Lower Face Lift?

As we age, the neck begins to sag and get full and the jawline may become squared off, undulating or uneven. A lower facelift in New Jersey will correct the jowl and jawline problems. However the additional procedure of a neck sling (or lift) is usually recommended to correct the sagging and full neck. The lower facelift will not lift the cheek, the corners of the mouth, or the marionette lines. To accomplish this, would require a midface(cheek) lift in conjunction with a browlift. As with other procedures, a complete facial rejuvenation is further refined with laser skin surfacing, fat transfers, or fillers. This is sometimes referred to as a 3 dimensional facelift.

About Face Lift Surgery

IN THIS SURGICAL PROCEDURE, Dr. Hughes removes excess fat, tightens underlying tissues and smoothes loose skin. This procedure leaves the face looking firmer and smoother. However, this procedure alone DOES NOT remove most wrinkles, and will not re-inflate the aging face. Lifts are often supplemented with laser skin resurfacing, and facial fat transfer or fillers. It is important to have realistic goals and expectations before deciding to undergo surgery. Since each person’s facial appearance is unique, so, too, are the results of their face lift procedure. We offer our patients from New Jersey and Philadelphia face lift surgery options, including endoscopic upper (eyebrow), cheek/mid facelifts and limited incision lower facelifts. Many of our face lift patients also visit our practice for eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) near Philadelphia to restore the look of the eye area.

 Smaller Incisions, Big Results

For our older patients undergoing a face lift, upper and mid-facial ptosis can be corrected with the endoscopic technique, but the lower third of the face and neck may need to be rejuvenated with a mini-incision or S-lift procedure. The mini-incision face lift offers many advantages including smaller incisions, reduced scarring, less hair loss, less numbness. Plus there is a quicker recovery period, averaging about 3 to 7 days. To get a better idea of what a face lift can do, please check out the before and after pictures of patients that have undergone this very procedure.

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