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It has been 7 months since my NeoGraft transplant.

As a woman, I was devastated to see my once beautiful hair slowly fall out through the years. Your hair as a woman is your “crowning glory”! People noticed. Some were kind and some were not. I saw a few commercials for hair replacement: Hair club, Bosley. I called Bosley and made an appointment (downtown Philly).

In the course of waiting I happened to see another commercial on TV for The Hughes Center. It was close, right in my own backyard, so to speak. I canceled Bosley and called Dr. Hughes, and the magic began!

I felt more comfortable speaking to a woman, less embarrassing. Dr. Susan and her staff, Rose & Tracey, were warm and friendly. They made me feel right at home as I described my situation: 1) Balding, 2) friends comments, 3) trying all kinds of things and ways to cover up the thinning hair.

That very day I decided NeoGraft was the procedure for me.

I am amazed at the results. People say: 1) you cut your hair. It looks great. 2) you lost weight, 3) they tell my husband your wife looks so much younger than you. 4) my hairdresser is thrilled, as well.

If anyone is thinking about hair replacement, this is minimally invasive. No scars, sutures or scalpels.

Don’t wait. It works. It really and truly works!

*Disclaimer: All testimonials are opinions of individual customers. Individual results may vary.