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Like many women I know of a certain age, I found myself spending a lot of time looking in the mirror and pushing and pulling my skin this way and that to see how I might look if I dared go “under the knife”.. Well, I spent more than 10 years doing this and finally at the age of 53, I decided to go for it! I had been consulting with Dr. Susan Hughes (Cherry Hill, NJ) following a brow lift she did for me when I was 40 which had brilliant results and finally decided I’d done my homework and it was time. Of course I was still nervous, but Dr. Hughes and her able staff were very understanding, patient and explained everything to me as many times as I needed to hear it. My problem was my neck and my jaw line, which were saggy and undefined. I initially thought a neck lift (Giampapa) would resolve my issues, but Dr. Hughes and her assistant, Rose, thought I wouldn’t be happy considering what I had described as my desired results. They recommended that I also have a lower face lift, fat injections and an intensive pulse light treatment. More money? Of course. Tougher recovery? You bet, but worth it in every way. Trust me, you don’t want to go through this process of planning, prepping, time out of your life and recovery only to find out you need to do it again or that you’re not quite happy with the results. I had my surgery on December 10th and was at my family’s Christmas Eve party with just a little swelling and some discoloration left over. After a couple months, I started thinking maybe I didn’t look very different, but as it turned out, I was already used to looking at my younger self and didn’t remember how bad it really was. At my last follow up visit, I got new pics taken and when I looked at these compared to the before pictures, I wanted to cry, the results are amazing and I could not be happier. The best part is when friends see me for the first time, they might ask if I have a new haircut or if I’ve been on vacation, but always say how fabulous I look. This is exactly the result I wanted, to look like a more youthful me, NOT to look like someone else. After cosmetic surgery, nobody wants to hear, “omg, what did you do to your face?” As far as I’m concerned, Dr. Hughes is a genius, she knows exactly what to do to get the results you are looking for! The proof is in the photos. If you want it, do it!!

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