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Dr. Hughes and her Coordinator Rose far exceeded our expectations.

What I decided to give my mom for Mother’s Day this year was a life-changing experience with the help of Rose, who has the mind and vision of a true artist, and Dr. Hughes, who has the hands of an angel! The two of them equal Perfection!

My mother has been a widow for 10 years now, and sadly I watched her self-confidence plummet over the years, so I decided to get us a little “Mommy & Me Makeover” for Mother’s Day; but I did not know how life changing this experience would really be. It truly brought tears to my eyes. My mom said to me in the car ride home, “Kristy, I can never repay you for how I feel inside. I have not felt this happy in over 10 years. You gave me my life back!” Just hearing my mom say that made this experience worth every single penny!

Thank you, Dr. Hughes. You are a true angel. You really understand and know how to make a woman like herself and feel good about herself again!

To anyone reading this who is looking for that “right doctor,” or if you are just unsure about whether to schedule an appointment at the Hughes Center, just do it! Please go see Dr. Hughes and her staff. Hands Down, the best decision I made was to choose Dr. Hughes and her staff.

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