BOTOX Cosmetic has been around in the United States since the FDA approved it in 1989. It was initially used to control facial muscle spasms. In 2002, it went commercial and was FDA approved to temporarily treat the appearance of frown lines between the brows (otherwise known as “the parentheses”) and crow’s feet lines around the eyes. When it comes to The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa in Philadelphia and South Jersey, there are three reasons the cosmetic surgeons believe their patients choose BOTOX Cosmetic. The Simplicity. The Convenience. The Results.

This may also the case across the country. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, BOTOX Cosmetic recorded its highest number of injections to date with 6.7 million in 2015. This is up 1 percent year-to-year. BOTOX Cosmetic was also the top cosmetic minimally-invasive procedure by more than double the next closest procedure in 2015. Here are the top five cosmetic non-invasive procedures:

  • BOTOX Cosmetic (6.7 million procedures), up 1%
  • Dermal fillers (2.4 million procedures), up 6%
  • Chemical peel (1.3 million procedures), up 5%
  • Laser hair removal (1.1 million procedures), no change
  • Microdermabrasion (800,000), down 9%

The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa is committed to providing information and assistance on learning more about BOTOX Cosmetic in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our Med Spa is next door to the current location in Cherry Hill at 1765 South Springdale Road. Learn more by calling us at (888) 929-4676 or send us a message to request a consultation with Dr. Susan Hughes today.