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If you have had hair loss, there’s an understanding of the things that would be given up to have a full head of hair again. It’s a very personal feeling considering hair is something we are all judged by on a daily basis. Hair loss is not just a problem for men, either. Although 35 million men have some sort of hair loss in the United States, according to, 21 million women also do.

Also found during research were some of the things people with hair loss would give up if they could have a full head of hair again. The results were:

  • 47% would spend their life savings
  • 60% would rather have more hair than money or friends
  • 30% would give up sex

These measures may seem extreme to someone who hasn’t had hair loss, but anyone who has gone through the experience of losing hair may agree or have his or her own list. The positive side is that the cosmetic surgeons at The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa in Philadelphia and New Jersey offer the first minimally invasive FDA-Approved Automated Hair Transplant System, NeoGraft Hair Restoration.

The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery and Medical Spa is committed to providing information and assistance with NeoGraft Hair Treatment in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our Med Spa is next door to our current location in Cherry Hill at 1765 South Springdale Road. Learn more by calling us at (888) 929-4676 or sending us a message to request a consultation with Dr. Susan Hughes today.