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There are several reasons most patients interested in cosmetic treatments choose Laser Skin Resurfacing at The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa in Philadelphia and New Jersey. They visit with the cosmetic surgeons because they want to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles, facial pigmentation, skin texture and tone, or have sagging or loose skin. A treatment like laser skin resurfacing removes the outer layers of skin, tightens the deeper dermis of the skin and improves the appearance of these issues which results in younger looking skin.

Here are nine things to know if you’re contemplating Laser Skin Resurfacing:

  1. This is a laser heat treatment and will cause a superficial, controlled burn, but your skin heals tighter and thicker.
  2. Plan to be back to work within a week to 10 days.
  3. The discomfort level is like a bad sunburn.
  4. Post-op pain relief requires frequent soaking and skin lubrication
  5. Patients should not need anything more than over-the-counter pain medication for relief.
  6. It typically takes three months for the pink to fade away.
  7. Wear sunblock. It will protect your investment while enjoying the sunshine.
  8. Patients’ skin looks firmer and smoother, which makes for younger looks.
  9. Laser Skin Resurfacing may be combined with BOTOX for more facial improvements.

The Hughes Center Cosmetic Surgery Center and Medical Spa is committed to providing laser skin resurfacing in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and the Greater Philadelphia area. Our Med Spa is next door to our current location in Cherry Hill at 1765 South Springdale Road. Learn more by calling us at (888) 929-4676 or sending us a message.