Case 39

Eyelid Surgery, Facelift, Fat Transfer, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Surgical

Performed By: Dr. Susan M. Hughes

This 50 yo woman is the mother of 7 children, and wanted a pick me up. Her eyes and her neck and jowls were her main concerns. Her eyebrows were fine, and she liked her upper lids, except for the dark discoloration and wrinkling of her skin,, so laser only was done on her eyelids, top and bottom. While she saw lower lids bags, she also realized she had a significant tear trough deformity, and had lost significant amounts of fat in her face, especially all around the bottom and sides of her eyelids. Therefore her lower lid rejuvenation was done with laser resurfacing of her skin to tighten it, and fat transfer to the lids and her entire face. At the same time she had a small incision facelift with a neck sling. Her expectations on her neck were to be restored to her youthful neck, and she realized it never looked like Audrey Hepburns neck, she was herself again. After her surgery she felt like she looked 20 years younger, and she felt great about herself again.

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