Case 143

Facelift, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Neck Lift, Surgical

Performed By: Dr. Susan M. Hughes

This 62-year-old woman from Berwyn, PA was concerned about the sagging skin on her neck and jaw, which she felt made her appear much older than she was. She was also concerned about the texture and look of her skin in addition to the damage to her earlobes from years of wearing earrings. She came to see Dr. Susan Hughes after looking for a surgeon who performed face lift surgery in the Philadelphia / Cherry Hill area and who offered a wide array of cosmetic laser procedures for skin rejuvenation.

During her consultation, this patient discussed her various concerns with Dr. Hughes and asked what treatment options were available. Dr. Hughes recommended that she undergo a face lift to treat the sagging around her jaw and a neck lift to treat the sagging skin below her chin. To address her damaged earlobes, Dr. Hughes would perform earlobe repair surgery to tighten and shorten her earlobes which had become elongated over the years. Once her surgeries were complete and she was given time to recover, this patient would have full-face laser skin rejuvenation to restore the look of her skin, remove age spots and generally improve her complexion.

Eight months after her surgery, this patient’s “after” photos were taken to show the improvement. The skin on her neck looks tighter and more youthful and the skin along her jaw no longer sags like it did before surgery. When asked how she felt about her laser skin rejuvenation in NJ, she said that her complexion was far more even and looked fresh even without makeup on. She was happy with the new look of her neck, jaw and ears and the healthy glow that radiated from her skin following her treatments.

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