Case 140

Brow Lift, Cheek / Mid Facelift, Eyelid Surgery, Fat Transfer, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Surgical

Performed By: Dr. Susan M. Hughes

Chuck is a 50 something yo gentleman who came in complaining of sad and tired looking eyes. This gave him a sense of looking older than he felt and he really wanted to look better. He was afraid of looking “done” and wanted to go over all of his choices to rejuvenate his eyes and face. When the patient and I reviewed his upper lids, he realized his eyebrows were so low they were now in his eyeball space. Eyebrow position is always evaluated in patients over 45, because removing the upper lid tissue has a tendency to pull the eye brow down even lower. The patient already looked like he was mad, and this would have looked like it was exaggerated with a simple upper lid blepharoplasty. Using a mirror, his eyebrow was placed at the orbital rim, which is the usual place for a man’s eyebrow, and this made the upper lids look better, but he still needed some skin and muscle removed with an upper lid blepharoplasty. A brow lift done endoscopically through small incisions will rejuvenate the entire upper third of the face. The bunched up tissue between the eyebrows is lifted up and opened out , thus giving a more youthful and happy appearance to the face. Lifting the eyebrow laterally also diminishes the appearance of the crows feet wrinkles. An endoscopic browlift was thus chosen to rejuvenate the upper third of his face, along with his upper lid blepharoplasty. Because he had a very high forehead, the central incisions could not be hidden in the scalp, instead, two half inch incisions were hidden in lower forehead wrinkles. The lower lids had wrinkled skin, excess fat bags and tear trough hollows along with a flattened cheek. For the crépey wrinkled skin, a lower lid skin pinch would have still left him with wrinkled, old looking skin of his lower lids and crows feet area. Instead, he chose eyelid laser resurfacing and was back to work in 10 days with a tinted sunblock to cover the mild redness that only lasted 8 weeks. For the bags the fat was removed from the inside of the skin so that he did not need any incisions on his lower lid skin. For the tear trough deformity and the fat loss in the cheek and cheek bones, fat transfer from the flanks supplemented his rejuvenation. In addition, he did not like the jowling and the heavy naso labial folds, and the drooping of the outer corners of his mouth. This was improved through his two temporal scalp incisions with an endoscopic mid face lift. The patient is now shown 8 months after his surgery. This has given him a much more youthful, rested, and happier appearance to his entire face.

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