Case 125

Facelift, Surgical

Performed By: Dr. Susan M. Hughes

This 72 year old was still actively working in a competitive working enviornment against other men and women 20 years younger than him. In addition, he had been widowed for five years and was looking for a companion. He did not feel his age at all, but when he looked in the mirror he knew he had to do something. His greatest concern was that he would look stretched, different, or have a “done” look. He came for a comprehensive seminar, interested in a facelift. As is typical of many laypeople, he thought the facelift would do more than lift and tighten his neck and jowls. That can be accomplished with a small-incision facelift with a necklift, but that only takes care of the lower third of the face. He also saw the loss of his cheek bones, the sagging and hallowing of his face, and droopy upper lids. After reviewing his options for filler or fat to fill in the hallows, he chose fat because he wanted something more permanent and did not want to get filler every 6 months. When fat transplants are used, a small nick is made in the belly button to retrieve the fat, then small injections are used and threaded through various places in the face to fill in the hallows. If your own fat lasts for two months, it should last about 8 years,and probably longer. 50% of patients usually require a touch up, but this particular patient did not. Finally, he was concerned with his facial wrinkles and pigmentation. This bothered him mostly around his eyes and cheeks, but in patients 55 and older, full facial resurfacing is recommended to create an even texture and color, and smoothness of the entire face. Therefore, he had his eyes done without any incisions and with a natural look, by getting rid of wrinkles, and by getting the bags of the lower lids camouflaged by filling in the hallows around his eyes and in his cheek bones, again with no incisions or scars. Here is this patient with a small-incision facelift with a neck sling, full face laser resurfacing, and full face fat transplants. He is happily remarried.

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