Case 106

Chin Implant, Neck Lift, Surgical

Performed By: Dr. Susan M. Hughes

This 70yo man came in requesting neck rejuvenation. He knew he had jowling and would benefit from a small incision facelift, but he was adamantly against incisions around his ears. After reviewing his consult photographs in profile we discussed his weak chin. His photos as far back as his teens. This also made his jowls look big. We reviewed the benefits of a medium chin implant with fat to fill in the mid chin and the marionette lines, thus filling in his entire chin. Simple fat transfer only would have been inadequate, as there is a limit to how much fat you can put in the chin without the fat dying from compression. With this procedure his jowling was camouflaged. This was done with three one inch incisions hidden behind the ear creases and one under the chin. He is shown 6 days after this procedure, already back at work. Now the patient noticed the skin wrinkling especially around his eyes and his cheeks, so full face fractionated CO2 laser was chosen to remove about 70% of his facial wrinkles, and over four months the facial tightening that occurs with fractionated laser tightened his jowls. You can notice the difference one week and four months after all of his procedures. In the end he was thrilled at his total face and neck rejuvenation but most of all that he still looked like a younger version of himself, and not pulled or unnatural in any way.

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