Our Practice Philosophy

The mission of the Hughes Center for Aesthetic Medicine is to provide outstanding facial cosmetic surgery in our state-of-the-art AAAHC certified OR facility. Dr. Hughes and her highly trained and caring staff informs and educates our patients about the most current technologies and cosmetic surgery procedures for optimal facial rejuvenation, starting with Botox® and Fillers and moving on to skin rejuvenation, eyelid surgery, facial fat transfer, facial liposuction and endoscopic upper and mid face lifts, and small incision face lifts for New Jersey and Pennsylvania Patients.

Treatment Tailored to Your Needs

Making the decision to change your body image is an important step. Each cosmetic surgery procedure is different for each person, and there are different things to consider depending on your age and genetics.

For lid rejuvenation, if you are under 45, you may be experiencing skin wrinkles around your eyes, or fat bulges under your eyes, or a combination of the two. For this reason tightening the skin with laser resurfacing and adding fat or filler to your eyelid hollows will create the most natural eyelids. If you are over 45, you may have both the skin wrinkles and fat bulges as well as sagging of both your upper and lower face, which is optimally treated when an endoscopic upper and mid face is added. Men and women in New Jersey use BOTOX® to further reduce the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles.

For facial rejuvenation most people don’t realize that there are three areas of the face that may or may not need some help. The face is divided into three sections, the Upper, Mid and Lower. Over time each section experiences skin wrinkling, fat deflation and sagging. They can all be improved with Laser skin tightening, fat or filler injections, and now mini incision face lifting. Depending on your age and genetics, you may need an Upper Facelift only, a Lower Facelift only, or a Mid Facelift too. These facelift procedures can be performed endoscopically with small scalp incisions only, or sometimes adding a necklift or mini facelift incision.

The aim of your consult is to discover what you really want improved, and educating you on all your options, non-invasive or invasive. This will empower you and allow you to become an active participant in choosing the best procedure for your rejuvenation.

Please feel free to browse through the procedures section and photo gallery for more information, and then click here to request a consultation with Dr. Hughes. Being well-informed is the first and most important step on your way to becoming The New You!